CCTV Installation Course

CCTV Installation Course

  • Location:

    KH NO-353, Village Garhi Khusro, Keshav Nagar, Near Mukti Aashram Delhi - 110036

  • Start Date:

    October 01, 2023

Today, most organizations have already installed IP networks upon which surveillance video transmissions can piggyback. A separate, but extremely important consideration that requires some explanation is network security in an IP network. The Security, Technology and Systems department collaborated with IT to establish an IT-managed solution for CCTV over IP. Here we cover an IT-managed solution for CCTV over IP.

  • Introduction To CCTV Systems
  • Types Of CCTV Systems
  • Camera Selection And Design Concepts
  • Camera Types
  • Camera Specifications & Features
  • Analog & IP Camera
  • Introduction To Digital Video Recorder
  • Setting Up A DVR
  • DVR Structure And Sections
  • Classification Of DVR
  • Special DVRs
  • Networking
  • Local Access Configuration
  • Remote Access Configuration
  • Mobile Software Access
  • System Trouble Shooting


Course Duration is Minimum 2 Month