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आओ पर्यावरण बचाएं अभियान

  • North Delhi

The Jan Kalyan Sewa Foundation has launched an #environment awareness program through drawing to raise awareness about environmental issues. The program encourages children to draw pictures related to environmental degradation and conservation. The pictures will be displayed at various public places to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. The program aims to inspire children to become environmental advocates and take actions to make their communities more sustainable. Through this initiative, the foundation hopes to promote a culture of environmental consciousness and responsibility among the next generation.

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CCTV Installation Course

  • KH NO-353, Village Garhi Khusro, Keshav Nagar, Near Mukti Aashram Delhi - 110036

Today, most organizations have already installed IP networks upon which surveillance video transmissions can piggyback. A separate, but extremely important consideration that requires some explanation is network security in an IP network. The Security, Technology and Systems department collaborated with IT to establish an IT-managed solution for CCTV over IP. Here we cover an IT-managed solution for CCTV over IP.

  • Introduction To CCTV Systems
  • Types Of CCTV Systems
  • Camera Selection And Design Concepts
  • Camera Types
  • Camera Specifications & Features
  • Analog & IP Camera
  • Introduction To Digital Video Recorder
  • Setting Up A DVR
  • DVR Structure And Sections
  • Classification Of DVR
  • Special DVRs
  • Networking
  • Local Access Configuration
  • Remote Access Configuration
  • Mobile Software Access
  • System Trouble Shooting


Course Duration is Minimum 2 Month